Fixer Cambodia: Trusted Local Support for Production in Cambodia


Fixer Cambodia is a team of experienced professionals offering local assistance to foreign film crews and journalists shooting in Cambodia. Our local production fixers help cater for all your production needs offering a range of services including location scouting, hiring of local talent and general logistics. In addition, we work with local providers and freelancers to extend our range of production services.  

Our production fixers in Cambodia are experienced in offering services for film and TV production. Moreover, we can provide references from journalists and foreign crews we have worked with.


We are a member of ProductionCenter.TV, a network of professionals working with foreign journalists and TV crews to make production easy and convenient worldwide.


The services we offer include:

General assistance/production fixer services for international journalists, TV and film production crews working in Cambodia;

Crew sourcing: hiring local crew members/talent and negotiating rates;

Location scouting and logistics management: permits for top locations for filming in Cambodia and local hands-on support.


Our production fixers in Cambodia can take up various roles in your team. We can work as:

   Production assistants

   Production managers

   Location scout/managers


Apart from the capital city of Phnom Penh, here at Fixer Cambodia we have an extensive network of local partners. This makes it possible to cover the entire country. Thus you can trust us for film fixer services in both the big cities as well as small towns.


Drop us a line today for inquiries about all types of production in Cambodia. 

Production Services

Support for international journalists

Research coordination, fact checks and logistics management for journalists

TV commercials

We can help source for location, logistics, and crews for filming commercials

General production assistance

Your one-stop-shop for any production needs in Cambodia

Film production

Effective and affordable support for your film production

Equipment rental & crew sourcing

Hire local crew and rent equipment with Fixer Cambodia

Location scouting & permits

We carry out locations research and secure permits from authorities.

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