Jungles, lush plains and breathtaking scenery are the words that pretty much sum-up the natural filming locations in Cambodia. There are popular rivers like the Mekong, waterfalls and also picturesque rice paddies. In addition to these, the country is quite famous for its Khmer temple ruin, superb coastline, impressive manmade structures in the cities and also remote villages.

Our film fixers are generally able to get location permits within two weeks, except for super-busy places or shoots that require road closures. Fixer Cambodia covers the whole country, from big cities like Phnom Penh to remote temples and coastline villages.

Phnom Penh

This bustling city is the capital of Cambodia. The most interesting filming locations include the Royal Palace, National Museum, the Central Market and its beautiful art decorations among a long list of others.

Filming locations in Cambodia - Phnom Penh

Angkor Temples

located in the northwestern region of the country, Angkor was the capital of the old Khmer Empire. Today it remains one of the most popular filming locations in Cambodia. There are numerous temples in this area. The popular ones include the Angkor Thom, Angkor Wat and Banteay Samre Koh Ker.

Filming locations in Cambodia - Angkor Temples


The second largest city in Cambodia is famous for its colonial-era architectural structures. This includes the former Governor building, the Provincial Museum and the killing caves of Phnom Sampeu.

Filming locations in Cambodia - Battambang

Eastern Cambodia

Here is where you will find a good number of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in Cambodia. This makes it a top filming location in Cambodia for outdoor or nature-related shoots. The Mekong river is also found in this region alongside other spots like Lake Yeak Laom, the Virachey National Park and Snoul Wildlife Sanctuary.

Filming locations in Cambodia - Eastern Cambodia

Sopheak Mitt Waterfalls

This is another notable natural location in Cambodia with an array of unique pristine islands, rapid waterfalls, all of which serve as beautiful outdoor filming locations.

Filming locations in Cambodia - Sopheak


Located in southern Cambodia, Sihanoukville hosts several islands with their white sand beaches. You will also find the fishing village of Kampot not far from Sihanoukville as well as the Botum Sakor National Park.

Filming locations in Cambodia - Sihanoukville