Our country offers low shooting costs, fascinating filming locations and a pool of hardworking and affordable crews. Our production fixer in Cambodia can help you find the right places and securing access.

Location Scouting

Fixer Cambodia has a network of local production fixers all over the country which makes sourcing for locations easy. In addition, authorities are generally relaxed about the process and rules of securing location filming permits. Our production fixers know all the details of the process as well. Contact us to discuss your film location ideas in Cambodia

Crew Sourcing

Cambodia offers a pool of local crew members for basic small-scale production. There are directors, still photographers and some other key crew members available locally. For more technical roles you might have to bring them in from nearby countries like Thailand. Our film fixers in Cambodia can assist with hiring experienced English-speaking crews and negotiate affordable rates for you.

Equipment Hire

You can get basic shooting equipment like grip and lightning in the country. However, you would need to bring more sophisticated gear from abroad. Thankfully, Cambodia is an ATA carnet country, so bringing in your shooting equipment is relatively easy. Our team of local production fixers can assist you with processing your application for temporary equipment importation. This must be approved to allow bringing equipment from abroad.

Assistance for Foreign Journalists

We have extensive knowledge in working with various journalists and international media doing reports or news pieces in Cambodia. Moreover, you can trust our network of local contacts spread all over the country to help you access information and secure interviews with ease. We also conduct news research and fast fact checks on request.

General Production Support

Contact our production fixer in Cambodia for logistics and other forms of support. We operate the same way as fully-fledged production companies with an extensive network of local partners and suppliers to make filming easy and convenient.